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Can I Install CCTV at my Property?

Before getting a CCTV system for your home, there are a couple of quick considerations you should think about first. • Why do I need CCTV? • And what do I want the security camera(s) to record? • How will the recording be stored? You have the right to protect your property, and CCTV is […]

Why Should Your Business Use Access Control?

Installing Access Control systems at your premises or site is a positive step towards combating and preventing burglary, vandalism and unauthorised access to car parks. It allows you to control who enters your premises and at what times, plus what parts of the building or complex they can access. Whether you want to restrict and […]

Common Electrical Faults In Your Home

Light switches don’t work If you move into a new property and a switch doesn’t do anything at all, it may have been disconnected. Alternatively, it could be down to a problem with the outlet, circuit or wiring. This will need the attention of an electrician. Dimmer switches that don’t work properly may be victims […]

What Are The Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

As the days grow longer and the nights get warmer, more people will be spending time outside. But no one wants to be outside in the dark. So why should you have exterior lighting for your home? The main reason to have exterior lighting is to extend your living space. Are you someone who likes […]

5 Factors To Consider When Hiring Electric Company

Electrical services on commercial sector should only be offered by professional electricians. Wiring and other installations are not services that can just be undertaken by inexperienced individual or company hoping that installation will turn out just okay. Planning and the implementation of the whole project require the expertise of electrical contractors that have been doing […]

Common Fusebox Problems To Look Out For

A fuse box (sometimes referred to as a breaker panel) represents the electrical “central nervous system” of your home. While these are highly reliable pieces of equipment, there can still be times when problems will occur. These must be addressed by a trained professional for safety reasons. It is nonetheless a good idea to take […]

Should I Call a Domestic Electrician for a Tripping Fuse Box?

9 times out of 10, a tripping fuse board is doing its job correctly – protecting you from potentially dangerous electrical faults in your home. Our fully insured expert electricians can inspect your electrics and advise you on what’s causing the fuse board to trip, whether it’s inadequate wiring or a faulty appliance. What to […]

Why You Need An RCD Fitted In Your Home

Your electrical installation should be checked every 10 years by a qualified electrician, but an RCD is a key safety device that every household should install within your fuseboard. We all use electricity in our homes every day without thinking about how safe it is. But the campaigning charity Electrical Safety First estimates that around […]

SMD Electrical are Expanding

SMD electrical are expanding and in doing so we are relocating to Festival Park. Within our new offices we are building a dedicated product room, so that our clients can come and view and test the systems we propose to install.